Arborist Services

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Arborist reports

Our fully qualified Arborists can provide certified reports regarding the species, size, health, condition, significance of trees and recommendations for their future, to assist you in the following processes:

  • Applications for a tree removal permit from Council

  • Site development with a vegetation overlay or significant treescape

Tree protection zones on development sites

These zones designate an area of safety at the base of the tree/trees, to protect anyone on site from injury. They are usually marked by a form of temporary fencing (depending on surrounding topography) to limit access and leave the area undisturbed.

Protection zones protect each tree, according to the diameter of its trunk at breast height (DBH), ensuring optimal preservation of its health and safety.

All calculations and applications are in accordance with Australian standards (AS 4970-2009 Protection of Trees on Development Sites).

Tree services
  • Tree removal

  • Tree pruning

  • Tree pruning away from buildings

  • Dead wooding

  • Hedge trimming

  • Service line clearing

  • Stump grinding & root removal

  • Block clearing

  • Storm preparation and clean-up

  • Vegetation management

Cable bracing


Some trees are susceptible to poor structure, due to things like disease, pests, storm damage, old age or lack of pruning. This can create hazards that threaten both property and persons. At MSV Trees we believe in retaining trees of significance and value.

Bracing offers support between two or more tree stems, ensuring higher levels of safety on your property, Pruning is a key part of the cabling process, as it promotes good tree structure, removes weight from key places throughout the canopy, and frees the canopy of damaged and dying branches. In some cases, pruning is all that is required, but our professional Arborists can advise you on the best options for your property.

Application for a Council permit


Councils across Melbourne and Easter Victoria require a permit to remove trees, and sometimes just to prune indigenous, native or significant trees. Applying for a permit can be a long process, involving site inspections and acquiring an Arborist's Report.

MSV Trees can provide Arborist reports and submit an application to the Council on your behalf, ensuring all the requirements are met satisfactorily, and freeing you from the hassle. 

Annual tree reports


Corporations and institutions such as schools, housing estates, resorts, camp sites and adventure parks often require annual tree reports to monitor the health and safety of their trees, and determine any required work to promote their safety. MSV Trees will gladly prepare such reports for your workplace.  

Elm leaf beetle treatment

Melbourne has one of the biggest populations of elm trees in the world. Sadly, all across Victoria elm leaf beetles (adults and larvae) are feeding on these trees' leaves, causing the slow decline and death of the trees.


MSV Trees carries out soil injection to eliminate elm leaf beetle. This involves pumping the insecticides into the ground around the base of the tree, which the roots absorb into the vascular system. This method benefits nearby elm trees with overlapping roots.


Soil injection is best carried out before full leaf burst in late winter to early spring in the months of August and September.

  • Arborist reports

  • Tree protection zones

  • Cable bracing

  • Applications for council permits

  • Annual tree reports

  • Elm Leaf beetle treatment

Arborist Services
Professional Tree Services

At MSV Trees we recognise the important role that greenery and trees play in Melbourne's liveability and greater Victoria's beauty.


Tree care is an important component of sustaining the health of our natural environment as well as our own wellbeing.


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  • Tree removals

  • Tree pruning

  • Stump grinding 

  • Site clearing

  • Storm preparation and clean-up

  • Vegetation management