Professional Tree Services

MSV Trees offers services in tree care, tree removals, block clearing, hedge trimming and tree pruning. We are happy to help with anything from the simple tree removal to more complex tree removals that require advanced rigging systems and experienced crew. Depending on the location of the tree, we can use an elevated work platform to care safely and efficiently for the tree, while protecting any surrounding assets. We also help with storm damage clean-up and insurance claims that may have left your tree or property in a compromised state. MSV Trees' public liability insurance ensures that your property is protected when we are on site.

Tree removal


MSV Trees recognises the need for tree removal when a tree:

  • is in a compromised state or location,

  • has poor structure,

  • is dead or diseased,

  • is an identified weed species, or

  • has the potential to cause unnecessary risk (e.g. fire risk, tree failure or property damage).

The tree removal process varies depending on the location of the tree, tree structure, accessibility to the tree, surrounding landscape and topography, buildings and other assets (e.g. pools, garden beds, paving or outdoor settings).

With the help of our elevated work platforms and mobile rigging systems, we specialise in accessing trees on steep, difficult, wet and sensitive sites.

Where required we can obtain further council permits to carry out the work pursuant to council regulations. We can also provide a qualified arborist report.


Stump grinding is not included in tree removal, and needs to be specified at the time of request.

Tree pruning

Pruning occurs naturally in die-back of the canopy, as dead wood or limb failure. To keep trees healthy it is important to carry out preventative and maintenance pruning. Pruning may also be necessary due to poor tree structure, storm damage or tree growth in confined spaces.

Regular tree maintenance minimises the risk of damage to property or, worse, human life. Our pruning services restore tree health and bring each tree to its full potential, considering the tree's environment and its history.

All pruning is carried out in accordance with Australian Standards (AS 4373-2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees).

Crown lifting is the pruning of lower branches, lifting the canopy and providing more ground clearance.

Crown reduction is pruning the tree to reduce the density of the tree, allowing more light and air into the tree. This is also used to reduce the canopy spread, reduce weight on the outer limbs, and reduce the risk of limb failure. This is particularly important for fruit-bearing trees and orchards. 

Pruning away from buildings


Tree limbs overhanging or leaning on gutters result in blocked drain pipes. MSV Trees can help you decide on the optimum result, considering your needs and requirements.


Thanks for an awesome week of work, we couldn't have chosen a better crew to do the work... We're very happy! 👍

Sarah, 3 March 2017


... A huge thank you to your guys for the work they did last Wednesday with getting my tree down in the front yard. They worked their butts off and always had a smile on their faces...

Lyndy, 29 Jan 2017


... We were totally blown away by the professionalism and work of your team and will recommend to everyone. Except for neat piles of logs it is hard to see where they had been.

Bruce, 10 July 2016

Arborist services
  • Arborist reports

  • Tree protection zones

  • Cable bracing

  • Application for council permits

  • Annual tree reports

  • Elm leaf beetle treatment

Dead wooding

Dead wooding a tree is removing all the dead limbs from the tree. These may result from poor pruning techniques or limb failure. Dead wooding a tree gives it a good tidy up and refreshes it for future growth.

Service line clearing


Are your trees or shrubs touching any power lines? Have you perhaps received a letter from a power company requesting you clear the service lines of tree branches within your property?


Trees near service lines can often be overlooked. This type of pruning serves the specific purpose of clearing the service lines to maintain a safe environment.

Hedge trimming

Is your hedge looking out of shape or a little overgrown? We can trim it back, top and sides, and give your garden a well manicured finish again. With our elevated work platform, there is no height limit for hedge trimming jobs we undertake. 

Rough-sawn timber sales

Is your tree worth milling after it is removed? MSV Trees can mill useful and valuable trees to produce quality timber that you can use for building tables, benches, retaining walls and under-cover areas. For quality long-lasting pine or hardwood timber, order from our milled timber yard.





  • Pine is usually milled into sleepers

  • Hard woods are milled for slabs and beams

Stump grinding & root removal

Have you had a tree removed recently and the remaining stump is making you a grump? Or, is there an ugly rotting stump dating back to an old tree removal job? Let's remove it for you.


MSV Trees can grind out ugly tree stumps and turn them into mulch, so that you can re-plant, re-turf or build where there's currently an obstruction.

Stump grinding is quoted at a fixed price, separate to tree removal, and is based on the diameter of the stump at ground level.

Site clearing

Planning on building? Are your permits and plans all ready but you have yet know who to call to remove the trees?

Give us a call. We have it covered!

Storm preparation


Be prepared for the next storm. Storms can be very dangerous and detrimental to a tree's health and integrity. For your own safety, please ensure any tree suspected to be compromised is inspected as soon as possible.  High winds may cause major stresses that lead to trees failing during a storm or in the future.

Storm damage clean-up​

Has a tree fallen over on your property? Is a branch suspended or a limb failure causing damage? Is there a tree hanging over your home or shed? Our expert and mobile rigging systems provide a safe and effective method of debris removal after a storm.

Vegetation management 

Large-scale tree and vegetation management are often required by corporations and institutions such as schools, housing or industrial estates, resorts and camp sites. Tree and vegetation management covers all aspects of tree work while maintaining a high quality of service. Speak to our team today about how we can preserve the beauty and safety of your commercial or public property.



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