Firewood  & Mulch


We sell seasoned and green Grey Box, Red Gum, Yellow Box, and a mix of eucalyptus for domestic and commercial use. We deliver it to your door all year round. Mixed Gum is some of most common eucalyptus species all mixed together, including Iron bark, Sugar Gum, Spotted Gum, Blue Gum, Flowering Gum, Mt. Ash, MessMate, Peppermint Gum, Stringy Bark...etc.


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Mixed Gum Firewood

$150  per cbm (seasoned) inc gst




Mulch is a great soil improver and an efficient means of improving the health of your trees and plants. As the mulch biodegrades, it keeps the soil warm and moist, and thereby insulates it from harsh and rapid temperature changes. This in turn encourages worms and other soil-improving insects and animals to aerate the soil. Placing mulch around the base of a tree reduces the impact of compaction on the soil, which is generally in strong opposition to the amenity of trees in the metropolitan environment. 

MSV Trees' mulch is fresh and great for gardens, containing a mix of leaf and wood particles that break down at different speeds. This provides a longer term benefit to your garden as the wood particles carry on releasing nutrients into the soil long after the leaf matter is recycled into the ground. A variety of trees are used to produce the mulch (no weeds).


Minimum order of 10 cubic metres. Delivery minimum of $30 for the first 10kms, Please enquire about delivery for your area.

Fresh garden mulch

$11 per metre

Logwood mulch

(no green material)

$22 per metre

$11-25 per cbm

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Spud Boxes 

(Currently unavailable)
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